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Power Ball.

It is one of the mega richest lotto on earth, and

the good part is it is open to anyone as long as

they are residents of the planet earth,this

means anyone can play this lotto regardless of

their nationality. As long as the country in

which you are resident to  does not prohibit

online lottery ticket purchase then you qualify

to play this amazing Power Ball which has

created millionaires world wide.Play it here you

may be our next millionaire POWER BALL

South African Power Ball

PowerBall like Lotto is a

game of chance. While

Lotto is a single matrix

game, PowerBall is a

double matrix game.

Simply, a double matrix

game in lottery terms is a

game which has two grids,

both of which form an

integral part of the game.

There are two draws, two

ball sets and two machines

used. Both ball sets used

are vital in obtaining the

result of the game.The

jackpot for PowerBall South

Africa is estimated to be R

20 000 000,well it is way

too small compared to

US,Europe and UK

lotteries.But it is worth a


History Of Euromillions

EuroMillions tickets first

went on sale on 7

February 2004 with the

debut EuroMillions draw

taking place on Friday 13

February 2004 in Paris.

The EuroMillions lottery

has grown considerably

from the original three

organising countries of

the UK, France and

Spain. Lottery organisers

from Austria, Belgium,

Ireland, Luxembourg,

Portugal, and

Switzerland have also

joined in the fun and

excitement of



Euromillions Jackpot.

To win the jackpot a player must match all 7

numbers to the 7 numbers drawn. Organizers

use two machines to provide the winning

numbers for each draw. “Stresa” which is used

to provide the 5 main numbers and

“Paquerette” which is used to provide the 2

lucky star numbers. Any person 18 or over may

take part in the EuroMillions draw on

PlayHugeLottos.com. The game is currently

available to players in Austria, Belgium, France,

Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco,

Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United

Kingdom, along with syndicated entrants

playing via portals such as this one.

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Play lotto with one of the richest European jackpot estimated at $120 million (EUROMILLIONS)


Life is more fun when you take a

chance and see what happens, its all

about taking a risk and changing the

way you think!!!

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