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What do you need to get Started

When you are to bet online you need to

have a few items in order before

engaging.The first item really is the

reason for gambling online, the main

reason being to make money, but this

is overlooked by many players online.If

you are betting or gambling for the

wrong reasons it is dangerous. First

write down the rules of engagement

and follow them consistently.We all

have different reasons to gamble and

so do the rules of engagement, so be

careful on this one.

The Second Item

Find a legitimate site to place your

bets and research on it, its rule

and regulations for both the site

and the country in which it is

operating in.For example,suppose I

am a player from Europe and I want

to place my bet or gamble with

Sports Bet , I would want to know

all about Sports Bet, its rules and

regulations concerning foreign

clients and how the government of

South Africa treats the issue of this

company,is it registered with its

government.In the event that I win

what happens.

The Third Item

What are the laws of your

native country concerning

placing bets with foreign

companies on the

Internet,this is one of the

most important items

that is overlooked by

many, in the event that

you win.How is your

Government going to

 treat your

winnings. Usually most

governments will accept

money as long as it is

from a legitimate

source,however they are

concerned about money

laundering and terrorism

so they will be very

careful, after all this is

the source of its income

through taxation.

The Forth Item.

How do I deposit money and how to

claim my winnings.Well this is

simply,just all online betting sites

have an option to its clients on how to

pay and claim winnings, for example

SPORTS BET has a wide variety on

how to handle cash.Visa Card,Master

Card,and all major cards operating

around the world.For claiming your

price money they use Money Brookers

and Neteller and Pay Pal amongst

other major players in the world.So

really your money is safe all the way

and you are assured that if you win

you will get your winnings safely.

The Fifth Item.

Make sure you have access to

reliable Internet conectivity.You

should also have a reliable

computer so that you will not have

to go to a public place,though you

can do it but it invades your privacy

and you online  security will be


Remember the number one rule of gambling, gamble responsibly and winners know when to quit and do

 bet with your head not with your heart……

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Home News Get Started PoweBall Sports Bet