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South African Laws on Internet Gambling

This concerns the South African Residents

participating on foreign gambling sites.At

the moment the Gambling Board prohibits

South African Residents participating on

gambling activities with foreign companies

online, however the Bill concerning online

betting and gambling is in the process of

being legalise so it is a matter of time

now. However foreign nationals

participating or betting with local registered

companies are allowed to do so, there is no

law that forbids foreign nationals gambling

online with South African Registered

Companies.One of them is Sports Bet.co.za

Which is licensed to online sports

bet,lotto,casino,darts and hose racing

among others.

The Legal forms of

Gambling in South Africa

according to the National

Gambling Board are;

European Laws on Gambling

Online gambling is completely

legal within the EU, however

the member states can enact

laws within their own

territories and apply them

Consistently.This has

allowed online betting sites

to thrive and they have

gamblers all over the world

and the business is thriving

really good. Australian

gambling giant B-win

Interactive had lost two

actions against the German

state, but it continued to

appeal, as it believed that

Germany must respect the

EU rules on online gambling.

And finally, in Dec. 2010,

after six years of severe

legal battles, the German

Supreme Court ruled in

favour of Bwin, it is hard to

keep online gambling illegal.

Conclusion of Online Betting

The legality of of online gambling is not an easy question to answer

simply because the answer is different depending on where you happen

to be gambling from. Every country has its own laws,so I suggest

before you engage in any online foreign betting company consult with

the local gambling  bodies of your native country. It's been a grey area for some time because it's such a new phenomenon, relatively speaking.

Whether you are from abroad or local you can use Sports Bet, one of few South African Companies

licensed to bet and gamble online to its local residents and also international residents.What are you

waiting for visit Sports Bet now!!

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