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About Us

iBet is a small dedicated online site whose

purpose is to connect online sports

betting,online lotto,online casinos,online

poker players with the best companies for

the job.We promote online betting and all

other online games played for money.We

research on particular companies and

recommend them to our visitors.We also

research on the regulations of each country’s

rules pertaining to online gambling,poker,

lotto and sports betting in the event that a

player wins when they are outside the

country in which the lotto or gambling took place.

Why Online Gambling.

It offers a vast and convenient gambling and it is not restricted in your

home country but you can bet internationally and thus increase your

chances to be a millionaire.Best of all it is hassle free and you can do

it in the comfort of your home on your computer just about anywhere

around the world and that you can do it 24/7.This is the amazing stuff

about technology.It makes online betting,playing casino,poker and

other games easy and they are as far as your fingertips. believe me it

is so convenient you would not believe.Try it now and see it your self.

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jackpot of

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Brief History of Gambling

Gambling has a long history dating back

in the bible centuries ago but now it is

a thriving business,companies making

instant billionaires at an instant.

Europe is one of area that has changed

the face of gambling and now the

emerging markets like South Africa are

following suit. South Africa has now a

licensed online gambling company

called SportsBet  this company deals

with all online gambling

games…Lotto,football,casino,rugby you

name them they offer it all.The good

part of it they are international, it does

not matter where you are as long as

you are on earth they take care of you.


Gambling is a

game of

chance if you

do not take

the chance

surely you

would not be



Statistically, if you bet or

gamble on something you

have a chance to win it, the

more you enter or play the

high are your chances of

winning, this is a basic rule

you can even apply in your

life, it is simple, if you do not

take the initiative or take the

risk you are likely to loose out


Basic Rule of Gambling

Bet or gamble with your head

but not with your heart.When

betting budget for it and do

not overspend on you initial

budget unless you have money.

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Home News Get Started PoweBall Sports Bet